Bringing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education to Schools in Need
Our Approach
  • WC will focus on just one development goal – bringing water, sanitation and hygiene to schools. This will ensure that its success is objective and easy to measure.

  • WC will tap into its social and professional water/sanitation networks in developing countries to help during the vetting process of our local NGO partners. This will help ensure that smaller NGOs with an established presence and proven effectiveness within a community become our partners and are given the opportunity to thrive.

  • Again, leveraging our social and professional water/sanitation networks internationally will ensure the provision of the best context appropriate technical solutions – by matching organization to persistent problems. Successful practices/ideas being used by our local implementing NGO partners will also be shared with the international community and other country projects.

  • Since an important part of the initiative is learning what works (or does not)- close monitoring/evaluation, timely technical assistance to meet challenges, and strict timelines will ensure continuous improvement and taking care of challenges as they arise. A step-by-step documentation of every WC initiative will also be done to facilitate the quick scaling up of effective approaches.

  • All projects will meet the current national standards established for water, sanitation and hygiene education in the countries we work (…in India it will follow the latest joint guidelines published by the Government and UNICEF)

  • WC will maintain close communication with the foundations and corporations it raises funds from - to ensure that their needs are being met and their return on investment is clearly documented. For its work in India, WC will also tap into the Indian Diaspora that is eager to contribute to their country of origin. The goal is for WC to eventually convert all its funders into spokespersons and promoters of its work.

  • To ensure community and local government buy-in of the project and its eventual sustainability within the population - it is a requirement of WC that our NGO partners raise at least 30% of the total costs locally. All effort is made to involve the community around the school in the initiative and to collaborate with any prior or current schemes in watsan promoted by the local/national governments in our selected area of focus.
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