Water Centric Newsletter Volume 6, March 2011
Bringing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education to Schools in Need....
Voices From our Schools:

An important part of our program is to inculcate good hygiene into the lives of young people. Research has shown that behaviors are best changed when young. We are very proud of our student hygiene clubs (Vikas Clubs) in each of our schools. Collectively, they produce and distribute a newsletter and carry out many activities to improve the state of hygiene in their school. They also help teach the younger students.

Shown below is a page from the most recent Vikas newsletter.

Vikas Newsletter

Did You Know...
The UN Millennium goals for 2015 include providing water and sanitation for at least half of the world’s population that does not have them. These goals are very far from being achieved. You can make a positive contribution by helping Water Centric install facilities and hygiene education in schools. Our goal is to become a major on-the-ground resource for implementing water, sanitation and hygiene education throughout the developing world.

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WC has an active blog, twitter and facebook sites with ongoing discussions about issues relevant to water, sanitation and hygiene. Keep up with our progress by visiting either our website or one of our other social media. Check us out and join in the on-line discussions.

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This past summer saw construction of a new septic tank at Sriniwaspuri school and construction of urinals for both boys and girls at our Okhla school. Our program identifies the most cost effective means of working with existing infrastructure to provide clean water and sanitation facilities.

Urinal Construction at Okhla School

Septic tank construction – Sriniwaspuri

Dear Friend,

Greetings from Water Centric  !

Since our last newsletter there is much progress to report. Construction of water and sanitation facilities at our Delhi schools is proceeding well with new projects starting and completing nearly every month. In addition, through our US fundraising efforts we have raised more money this year than in our first two years combined. I want to convey my appreciation to our donors and all the volunteers who have been working hard to bring us to where we are to-date.

I am pleased with our growth, both as an organization capable of completing projects in Delhi schools and our becoming a more effective fund raising NGO. This past year of 2010 marked a significant improvement in Water Centric’s ability to bring water, sanitation and hygiene education to third world school children. We are now in the completion stages of the last of our original 10-school project. As such, we have accomplished most of our original goals.

I am currently in India and am enjoying meeting with students from our hygiene clubs and seeing the new construction that is occurring in our schools. More about this trip will follow in our next newsletter.

Remember you are welcome to join us in our efforts to bring water and sanitation to needy schools by volunteering or contributing at Water Centric! !

Best wishes,
Lotika S. Paintal
Founder and Executive Director

Our Progress in the past few months.

In India:
  • New Water Stations are under construction at our Sriniwaspuri and Molar Band Schools in Delhi
  • Construction began in May at the Okhla Gaon school for renovation of separate boys and girls urinals. Work was completed in July. See top photo of girls in front of completed Okhla urinals.
  • Work began in August at the Sriniwaspuri School for a septic tank. In areas where there is no link to city sewers or they are blocked, Water Centric installs septic tanks. This work has been completed as well.
In the USA:
  • On Saturday July 31st we held our first of what we hope to be an annual Bike-a-thon at Great Brook Farm in Carlisle MA. The event was attended by 100 people and raised $4500 for our Delhi schools. A nice feature of the day was the family oriented activities. Some of the die-hard bike riders rode 50 miles, others rode shorter distances, while some were happy to walk through the beautiful forest paths at Great Brook. We had all age groups attend. After riding and walking people attended a barbeque lunch that culminated with a raffle of various much appreciated items like tickets to museums and bike gear. Helping us this year were five Lexington High School students, for which we are very grateful. Our food, drinks and raffle items were generously donated by local businesses, such as Whole Foods, Redbones and Starbucks, among others.
Water Centric would like to acknowledge a generous and creative effort by Pete Martin and Sujatha Mizar. Pete and Sujatha who were married on Sept.18th asked all of their wedding guests to forgo traditional wedding gifts and instead donate to Water Centric. Their wish was to celebrate their wedding with a charitable act that would directly benefit the children in Delhi who had no water or sanitation. All total over $6,000 was raised for Water Centric in celebration of their wedding. We at Water Centric want to express our sincerest thanks and best wishes to Pete and Sujatha on their marriage.

Water Centric (WC) is a social entrepreneurship organization that is focused on systematically bringing water/sanitation and hygiene education to needy schools in India and around the world. We do this by leveraging the power of our social and professional networks to find effective local partners, appropriate technical assistance, diverse funding sources and a cadre of high quality volunteers of concerned global citizens to work together to address this challenge.
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